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Day Trips, Krakow

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Do not skimp on your time in Krakow. It takes a minimum of 2 days to experience the city, and a third one (or even a fourth) day lets you dig in and consider a world of fascinating day trips 



The Krakow region and Krakow itself attracts more visitors - Polish and foreign - than any other part of Poland. 


Krakow is easily Poland's best attraction: a beautiful, old-fashioned city buzzing with history, enjoyable sights and college students. 

It is also known as Poland's ancient royal capital.

The city of Krakow ranks with Prague and Vienna as one of the best architectural gems of Central Europe.

Krakow's streets are a cavalcade of churches and aristocratic palaces, while at its heart is one of the grandest of European public spaces, the Rynek Główny or central Grand square.

Krakow is also known for Poland's oldest university.

 Also the city has been home to many of the nation's greatest writers and artists.

Until the last war, it was also a major Jewish centre, whose fabric remains clear in the quarters of Kazimierz and Podgorze, and whose culmination is starkly enshrined at the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau, west of Krakow 




Private Day Trips, in and around Krakow:  

· A 3-hour walking tour of Krakow including St Mary’s Church:

Your tour follows the Royal Route (Droga Krolewska), from the northern end of the medieval Old Town through the center of town towards Wawel Hill, where the old royal residence, Wawel Castle, is located.

Visit the Old Town Market Square, see the remarkable Cloth Hall, visit inside the historical St Mary’s Church, home of the oldest and the largest Gothic alterpiece in the world. 
Included: a local English-speaking guide, entrance fee to St Mary’s Church


· A 3-hour walking tour of Krakow incl. the Royal Wawel Castle and St Mary’s Church:

Follow Krakow's Royal Route that passes some of the most prominent historical landmarks of Poland's royal capital. 

Travel through medieval Old Town (Stare Miasto) towards Wawel Hill, with the Wawel architectural complex at the top of the Hill featuring Wawel Castle - the old royal residence - with an armoury, and the Wawel Cathedral, the final resting place for Polish kings, Dukes and noble citizens.

Explore the Old Town locally known as Stare Miasto: follow the Royal Route, pass through Florianska Gate, visit Market Square (Rynek Glowny), the largest medieval market square in Europe. See the remarkable Cloth Hall.

Visit inside St Mary’s Basilica, home of the oldest and the largest Gothic altarpiece in the world by Witt Stwosz. 
Included: a local English-speaking guide, entrance to the Royal Wawel Castle and St Mary’s Church


A guided tour of Krakow with the Royal Wawel Castle & St. Mary’s Church, by car:

Wawel, Krakow:
One of the most striking royal residences in Europe and a potent source of national spiritual pride, Wawel is to Poles is what
Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Windsor Castle and Cantebury Cathedral are to the British - only rolled into one.

Your sightseeing tour takes you through the Old Town along the Royal Route to Wawel Castle on top of the Wawel Hill.  Visit the historical Wawel Cathedral, the resting place of Polish Kings, dukes and noble citizens.  

Visit Old Town's Market Square, the largest in Europe; walk through Florianska Gate, see the Cloth Hall, visit inside St Mary’s Church with the world's largest wooden altar by Witt Stwosz.

: a local English-speaking guide, entrance to the Royal Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Church and car to the Old Town

· A 6-hour tour to Auschwitz-Birkenau, outside Krakow:
Of all the museums you are likely ever to visit in your life, this is the most profound.
Town of Oświęcim, German Auschwitz, is situated 70 km west of Krakow. Oświęcim is notorious throughout the world for being the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Nazi prison, labour camp and extermination site.

The Auschwitz memorial museum consists of two main parts: the Auschwitz concentration camp, 3 km west of central Oświęcim, and the Birkenau extermination camp 3 km further northwest. 

Auschwitz is visited by well over 1 million people a year and can get very busy. Advance reservations are strongly recommended. 

An estimated 1.1 million people were murdered in the camp between 1940 and 1945, the vast majority of whom were Jews, along with sizeable contingents of Soviet POWs, Gypsies, Poles and a host of other European nationalities.    

Following the Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939 and Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941, Soviet POWs, Polish Jews and other inmates flooded into the camp. From the ideal source of slave labor, experiments in the use of deadly Zyklon B cianide gas the Nazis developed the camp into the mass murder venue of genocide.      

Included: transfer, Krakow-Auschwitz-Krakow, by a chauffeured car; entrance to the Martyrdom Museum with a local guide

· A half-day tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine, outside Krakow:

Wieliczka Salt Mine is a unique world-class attraction, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. A tour of the Mine includes chapels sculpted from salt (Blessed Kinga's chapel is the most beautiful one), spacious chambers, crystal grottoes and underground ponds. The underground labyrinth stretches over 9 levels at 64 to 327 meters below the surface of the earth. A labyrinth of nearly 2,400 chambers is connected with sidewalks with a total length of 245 km. 

The tour starts with a descent down the stairs to the depth of 64 meters.
Visitors are led through a number of chambers and shown underground lakes, shrines and salt monuments. The trip finishes at the level of 135 meters below the surface. Visitors return to the surface by an elevator.

Included: entrance to Wieliczka Salt Mine with local guide and car to/from Krakow-Wieliczka-Krakow

· A full day trip to Czestochowa, outside Krakow:

The Black Madonna of Czestochowa:

The icon of Black Madonna is housed inside Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa. It is considered Poland's most holiest and most important relic.
is significant for being connected with the Holy Family, as well as for the miracles that are attributed to it. 

The world famous Black Madonna should not be missed, although what you actually do get to see of the painting is limited as the figures of the Madonna and Child are always "dressed" in sets of richly decorated clothes. More impressive, perhaps, is the sense of wonder, excitement and devotion the icon inspires in the pilgrims who come here.

a local guide for tour of the monastery and car for 8 hours

· A full day trip to Zakopane:

The Tatras:
Poland's prime highland playground is a paradise for hikers of all abilities, with relaxing rambles in sub Alpine meadows for the easy-going, or hair-raising mountain ringed walks for the most experienced.

The mountain resort of Zakopane is located 1000 m above sea level and surrounded by Tatra Mountains. Enjoy the funicular ride to the top of Gubalowka hill, with a breathtaking view over Polish and Czech Tatras.

A walk along crowded Krupowki Street or among old wooden houses and a visit to a small church in Jaszczurowka

Included: guide’s assistance, funicular ride to the top of Gubalowka Hill; car for 8 hours

· A full day trip: Rafting on Dunajec river:

Dunajec Gorge through the limestone rocks of Pieniny Mountains is one of the most beautiful views in Poland. Sitting comfortably on wooden rafts (10 pax each) just admire the landscape and listen to the stories and jokes told by navigating raftsmen.
Included: guide’s assistance, a ticket for a rafting and car hire for transfer to/from Krakow-rafting-Krakow

· A half-day Jewish Heritage tour of Krakow:

Kazimierz district: included: the Alt Synagogue, the Museum of Jewish History and Culture, the Remuh Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery and Oscar Schindler’s Route.
On Friday & Saturday evenings synagogues and the cemetery are closed.
Included: a local English-speaking guide, entrance to the Alt and Remuh Synagogues and the Old Jewish Cemetery, car hire for 4 hours

· A full day Jewish Heritage Tour of Krakow:

Kazimierz district:
the Alt Synagogue, the Museum of Jewish History and Culture, the Remuh Synagogue, the Old Jewish Cemetery, Isaac Synagogue, Galicia Jewish Museum, “Pod Orlem” Pharmacy; Oscar Schindler’s Route including Shindler's Factory museum.

On Friday & Saturday pm synagogues and cemetery are closed

Included: a local English-speaking guide, entrance to the Alt, Remuh and Isaac Synagogues, Galicia Jewish Museum and 'Pod Orlem' Pharmacy, car hire for 8 hours

· A half-day trip to Pieskowa Skala:

Drive through a charming Prądnik River Valley, forming Ojców National Park among limestone hills and rocks of incredible shapes (e.g. Hercules Club) and caves. Visit at Renaissance Castle in Pieskowa Skała, the most beautiful knights' castle in Poland. Eagles' Nests Track - a group of the 14th century strongholds.
Included: guide’s assistance, entrance to the Pieskowa Skala Castle and car for 4 hours


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